That Halftime Show Could Have Fed Africa

Were the gigantic beach balls and shark costumes that looked like they came from an elementary school play really worth it? Katy, you looked great on that shooting star, but did you know that the literacy rate of Pakistan is 55%? Makes you reconsider that whole glittery dress versus new books for a year at a school in Peshawar.

You’ll have to excuse me, because I’m a little biased on this subject: I’ve never quite seen the allure of Katy Perry but I’ve been known to give a shit about global education. So please keep these biases in mind while reading.

I thought I was alone in my thoughts last night as I watched Katy Perry twirl, belt, and sparkle during the super bowl halftime show, but alas there were others just as sickened as myself.

I feel like the cost of this show could feed Africa

I boldly stated to the other two people I was watching the game with. They smirked and admitted that they too had been discussing the exact same thing. I snapchatted a friend a picture of my TV screen where Katy Perry was gettin’ frisky between two sharks #ICouldHaveFedAfricaButThenISawThisSkirt!

My friend wrote back:

Oh stop, it’s the trickle down theory!

Instead of pride and patriotism for the pop performance at one of the most American events … ever, many of us felt a sense of shame and embarrassment. We have to wonder if America should still feel this confident about playing the part of the most popular kid in school; in the last several decades America has been more of the Regina George of world politics: other countries are only friends with us because they have no other choice.

Big budget and over-the-top performances, outrageous celebrations that glorify our consumer society are not going to be lauded the way they have in the past. More than that, the people who for decades have scrutinized how America prioritizes it’s wealth, will feel more compelled and justified in speaking out against ethically distasteful performances of wealth put on by the country’s elite and attended by our elite.

My advice to Katy and the Super bowl halftime show? #priorities