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Friday Fiction Recommendation: “School” by Melissa Goodrich

Welcome to the end of summer and the beginning of autumnal mornings with blustery afternoons. Perhaps Melissa Goodrich’s story “School” won’t give you the feel-goods about the back-to-school-season, but it does offer an incredibly rich portrayal of the battle of the sexes, played out in these angsty students who can’t see beyond the stereotypes they’ve […]

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Friday Fiction Recommendation: Nathan Englander’s “Free Fruit For Young Widows”

Nathan Englander’s “Free Fruit for Young Widows” is a remarkable investigation into the pitfalls and ambiguity of morality. Englander is a writer from West Hempstead, Long Island. He lived in Israel for five years in the 1990s and now resides in Brooklyn. In 2010, The New Yorker published his short story, “Free Fruit for Young Widows”, […]

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The 7 Best Sites for Writers 2015

With acceptance rates lower than ever for Creative Writing MFA programs, students spend rigorous amounts of hours critiquing their own writing and begging others (former professors, siblings, strangers) to offer feedback. As schools intend on keeping their programs boutique sized, it drives acceptance rates into the teens, tens, and five percentiles. Though the competition is […]

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