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© Wen Zeng via Flickr

The Ambiguous Authorship of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series

Swedish journalist and writer Stieg Larsson, the original author of the Millennium series — known in English as the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — died of a massive heart attack at the age of 50 in 2004. Shortly before his untimely end, he had given his publisher the manuscripts for the crime fiction trilogy starring […]

© Mikal Marquez via Flickr

How to Alienate an Audience: CNN Money and the Gaming Community

Last month CNN Money posted an interview of former Microsoft CEO Robbie Bach along with an article titled: “Videogames aren’t just for antisocial nerds!” Though both pieces do offer some insight into the gaming industry, Bach mainly appeared to be plugging his new book, and portraying a lopsided vision and a misunderstanding of the average American […]

© Mark Strozier via Flickr

Friday Fiction Recommendation: Flash Fiction from 3:AM Magazine

Flash fiction is a form that has been steadily growing in popularity, and that which TWA seeks to promote and publish. The parameters with regard to space and words give works of flash fiction a kind urgency that can only be achieved through the art of writing less. It’s a weird phenomenon for writers and […]

© Watch Mojo via Flickr

Anthony Bourdain’s International Food Market is Coming to Life

Anthony Bourdain has gained world notoriety in the last decade with the wild success of his foodie adventure shows No Reservations, The Layover, and Parts Unknown. For those of us who’ve obsessively watched his travels and desperately wished we could sample all of the delicious, hard-to-find morsels he features on his programs, our dreams are […]

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© Bertolucci Jr., Hélio via Flickr

Let’s Have A Ki Ki: The Fundamentals of Drag Jargon

The herstory of drag is one of struggle, damnation, and, most importantly, fabulous ferocity. Drag is something that has been widely misunderstood, and even more widely unaccepted. RuPaul—more appropriately, Mama Ru—has been working for decades to expose drag to the masses as a respected practice and art form. In that time, he has gained notoriety […]


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