Little Women Remake Confirmed

Please can this be a tasteful adaptation? We have been bogged down by adaptations of books into movies and revamping classic films. It begs the question, does anyone write original scripts anymore? Maybe its safer to say that lots of creative screenplay writers are even further from achieving their dreams because the film industry doesn’t want to risk box office failure on a new scripts.

Many people grew up with the 1994 version of Little Women with Wynona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Claire Danes, Trini Alvarado, and Kirsten Dunst. It is now confirmed that a Little Women remake will be coming to us. Amy Pascal is set to produce the remake while Sarah Polley is set to direct. Sarah Polly has some history with making great literature into films, namely her work with authors Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood.

Remakes and revamping of old classics can be pulled-off if they offer audiences a new interpretation of a story we already know and probably love. And the love part is why remakes are tricky – it’s not easy to get audiences to fall in love again. Let’s hope that the magic and warmth of Little Women is well represented in the upcoming adaptation.