Weekly Flash Fiction: Lab Partners

I felt like a caged animal sitting there in the glowing blue light – a fluorescent hue radiating from the only lamp in the room. I imagined lizards emerging from beneath the shaggy area rug or snakes advancing greedily towards my throat – their cold thick bodies slapping across the wood floors. His face looked sallow and translucent in the melancholy light. There was a song on an old radio playing in the background. I hadn’t listened to American Top 40 since high school. He was writing a text to his girlfriend and told me to hang on a minute. He finished typing and tossed the phone next to him on the couch we were seated on.

His tongue glided along the thin paper and I watched as he rolled it gently, sealing it with his thumbs. He pinched one end of the joint like he pinched my nipples. A flame escaped from his plastic lighter and in ten more minutes we were giggling like there was no homework, no girlfriends, no second semester. We were going to be young forever.