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Friday Fiction Recommendation: “School” by Melissa Goodrich

Welcome to the end of summer and the beginning of autumnal mornings with blustery afternoons. Perhaps Melissa Goodrich’s story “School” won’t give you the feel-goods about the back-to-school-season, but it does offer an incredibly rich portrayal of the battle of the sexes, played out in these angsty students who can’t see beyond the stereotypes they’ve been dealt.

“School” depicts fast images of days wasted in a classroom that serves to be no more beneficial to the students as being behind bars. This group of boys and girls seem to repel anything that isn’t taught to them on TV or in their magazines. The teacher is willing and giving to the students, but the efforts are in vain. How do we change identities shaped by television and ‘heroic’ hip hop stars that youngsters seek to embody? Is education enough and does it really help? Goodrich’s account leaves out the pretty adjectives that can’t capture this reality – rather she uses the Cheeto bags and neon bras left over by her subjects to depict their truth.

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