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Friday Fiction Recommendation: Flash Fiction from 3:AM Magazine

Flash fiction is a form that has been steadily growing in popularity, and that which TWA seeks to promote and publish. The parameters with regard to space and words give works of flash fiction a kind urgency that can only be achieved through the art of writing less. It’s a weird phenomenon for writers and readers to get their heads around, but there is something very artistic about editing, or, editing out. Sometimes what is not said is just as beautiful as what is.

This week’s recommendation comes from 3:AM Magazine, whose tagline is: “Whatever It Is, We’re Against It”. Aint that just great? It sets the stage for a culmination of fiction, art, poetry, essays and more that we can read with minimal expectations or presumptions regarding style, subject, even form.

It’s magazines such as 3:AM Magazine that allow pieces like Quinn Gancedo’s three dog stories the space to be as quiet and mysterious as it presents. This recommendation is just as much about reading something interesting as it is about thinking about that interesting thing in which you read for the rest of the day, or weekend. Perhaps that’s the real essence of flash fiction: the blank spaces that demand your attention.

Check out Gancedo’s story here!

Image Credits” © Mark Strozier via Flickr