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Friday Fiction Recommendation: “Count the Words, Hold your Breath” by Aki Schilz

If you’re looking for something to stop you in your tracks, “Count the Words, Hold your Breath” by Aki Schilz will cause you to cease all work related activities as you’re swept into her prose. Fellow co-workers shouldn’t be able to detect your displaced attention since this is a work of flash fiction and considerably shorter than an average story. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t devote all of your senses and imagination to this piece, because it rightfully deserves it. For Schilz, words are a kind of translucent ever populous gift that the author seems to have been blessed with, for every phrase feels warmly baked into the poetic pastries they were always meant to be.

Love isn’t easy to write about these days. We have Shakespeare, Shelley, Byron and the like to thank for having to rack our brains to come up with new ways to describe what it is like to try to be one with someone. The shear madness humans go through to cut through each other’s neuroses and emotional touch-me-nots is an exhausting sacrifice. Schilz pursues the subject with her unapologetic prose showing us her version of the plight for human affection.

“Count the Words, Hold your Breath” appeared in Bare Fiction Magazine. Read the full story here: