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Friday Fiction Recommendation: “Black Box” by Jennifer Egan

And just when you thought that today was a normal, unimaginative, Friday, you happened upon Jennifer Egan’s short story, “Black Box”. Instead of stuffing all of your shit into your briefcase or purse at the end of today to head to the bars as quickly as possible, you might actually be compelled to simply sit in your office chair and revitalize your wits after the toll that this story takes on your psyche.

Just know that you’ve been warned that if you do indulge in this story, artfully broken up into Forty-seven parts, you will probably be late for your after-work drinks. But that just might be okay – because although this is obviously a work of fiction – it will feel as if you’ve just experiences actual, physical, fear and excitement; thrill and delusion. Is this story an action thriller or simply an instruction manual? The possibilities of what this story is about are numerous and utterly disparate.

Give it a whirl …
“Black Box” by Jennifer Egan