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What Does the Future Hold for Creative Nonfiction Writers?

In 2008, David Foster Wallace taught a craft class in creative nonfiction. The class syllabus gave the following examples of the kind of work that this term encompasses “… prose works such as personal essays and memoirs, profiles, nature and travel writing, narrative essays, observational or descriptive essays, general-interest technical writing, argumentative or idea-based essays, general-interest criticism, literary journalism, and […]

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The Real Reason You Can’t Stop Reading 90s Nostalgia on BuzzFeed

Countless millennials admit to being apprehensive about adulthood, claiming that they would much prefer the simplicity of childhood. This claim has become more than just a defense mechanism against an extremely tough job market as media outlets have harnessed millennial’s desire to regress into childhood and are delivering content that speaks to this yearning. If you’re confused by […]

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Orange Is the New Black’s Biggest Nod to Feminism: Piper’s Panty Monologue

The commoditization, even commercialization, of women’s bodies has historically been accepted by society. Every day we see images of women in well-defined roles, adorned with the physical attributes that supposedly make her female. Maybe in decades past, people barely noticed these occurrences; however, today we notice this misrepresentation of women, but we’re often forced to accept, standing in […]

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Amy Schumer and the Evolution of the Rape Joke

As a staunch feminist and an avid consumer of pop culture, I’ve always believed that there is one unalterable truth: rape and comedy should never, under any circumstances, be mixed. However, to my surprise, Amy Schumer has changed my mind. If you, like me, were a little late to board the Amy Schumer train, chances […]

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“Positive” Stereotyping: Jeopardizing Multiculturalism in the Same Way as Traditional Stereotyping

It is a well known fact that stereotypes do not accurately represent a group of people. But are people on the same page when it comes to so called “positive” stereotypes? An example of this could be a statement like “All Asians are smart” or “all Hispanic women are well-endowed.” Is it just as harmful to be […]

The Blue/Black/ White/Gold Dress has Racial Undertones

What do the blue/black/white/gold dress and the Aylmer twins have in common? One might not see any direct correlation at first but it all boils down to one surprising factor, the relativity of race. Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twins from Gloucester, England. They’ve become an internet sensation based on the perception that they are twins of “different […]

I wish I had never listened to Serial

Serial, the highly publicized podcast by Sarah Koenig, engages listeners in its expedition for justice in the Murder of Hae Min Lee from Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, MD. For those who describe themselves as “obsessed” with Serial, what kind of implications have our obsessions caused to those who are actually involved in this case? I made an error the […]

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The Other New York Mentality

Three years ago my best friend and roommate of two and a half years left New York. She spent time teaching in Korea and Colombia. Her mindset was: anywhere but New York. At the time it seemed impossible that I could bring myself to live anywhere else than New York. I was in love with late night pizza, […]

That Halftime Show Could Have Fed Africa

Were the gigantic beach balls and shark costumes that looked like they came from an elementary school play really worth it? Katy, you looked great on that shooting star, but did you know that the literacy rate of Pakistan is 55%? Makes you reconsider that whole glittery dress versus new books for a year at a school in […]

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