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The 7 Best Sites for Writers 2015

With acceptance rates lower than ever for Creative Writing MFA programs, students spend rigorous amounts of hours critiquing their own writing and begging others (former professors, siblings, strangers) to offer feedback. As schools intend on keeping their programs boutique sized, it drives acceptance rates into the teens, tens, and five percentiles. Though the competition is […]

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Your 2015 Reading List Should be Joan Didion’s Favorites

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the ever daunting task of “what to read next”. Should you go head first into a hefty Leo Tolstoy novel? Should you read something cool and contemporary like Ben Leaner’s 10:04? Or are you in the mood for a nonfiction, say Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart? The truth is, life […]

“Thoughts Without Cigarettes: A Memoir” (Gotham Books), by Oscar Hijuelos

Reading for Writers: Nonfiction Books with Advice for Emerging Writers

No novel was ever written merely because the author willed it. There is always undoubtedly a struggle that transpired in an author’s life that shaped them as storytellers and as people. Books exist to teach and to entertain and maybe we take that luxury for granted when we delve into a new novel, forgetting the rigorous […]

5 Books for Daughters to Give their Mothers

Whenever I am unsure of what to buy as a gift for a friend or relative, I always turn to literature. Sometimes I like to browse the bookstores I know have the best recommendations and find something new that I think suits that particular person’s interests. Book browsing has always been one of the most […]

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Salman Rushdie Just Trying To Organize His Goodreads

It was reported by many news outlets such as The Independent and Telegraph that Rushdie gave bad reviews to some beloved classics. On Goodreads.com he gave Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis  one star and To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee just three. There were a slew of other well-known novels that he gave equally bad ratings. When […]

Little Women Remake Confirmed

Please can this be a tasteful adaptation? We have been bogged down by adaptations of books into movies and revamping classic films. It begs the question, does anyone write original scripts anymore? Maybe its safer to say that lots of creative screenplay writers are even further from achieving their dreams because the film industry doesn’t […]

The MFA is Special and you Still Need One

Its time we addressed the fact that the MFA is special. Its not the same as your MBA, PhD, or MA. In this article I will focus on the Creative Writing MFA and the controversy over if getting one is necessary to become a successful author. What’s missing in this argument is that you may become […]

Books to get you through next 6 weeks of winter!

4 Eclectic Titles to Get You Through The Next 6 Weeks of Winter

Here are some poetry, a fresh face to the fiction scene, and short stories to see you through the next six weeks of winter. Mix up your literary digest with this four title literary mash-up. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro Sometimes you just know – you get that dreamy excited feeling while reading the back cover […]

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