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Explaining Gender Identity to Children Through Books

“How do I explain it to my kids?” Talking to kids about gender is a new topic that parents have to prepare themselves to discuss. However, introducing children to diversity that they may not experience inside the home is important. It is within the rights of the parents to have a respectful, intelligent discussion about […]

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Long Novels Worth the Commitment

There’s something oh-so-satisfying about sinking into a long novel, one that you know you won’t blow through on your lunch breaks by the middle of the week. Sometimes it seems like delving into long novels is a commitment we aren’t always willing to make. Maybe it’s our obsession with instant gratification or our inability to […]

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The Best Small Presses to Get Your Poetry Published

The idea of trying to get your work published can be anxiety inducing for a burgeoning poet, and publishing a chapbook may seem like an impossible dream. Chances are you’ve heard countless stories of rejection, and maybe it’s made you pessimistic. Maybe, despite feeling confident that you have a complete collection of poetry, you aren’t […]

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5 Books To Better Understand Gender Identity

Tackling transgender issues on a national platform has been called the civil rights issue of our time. In the past year, we’ve seen a surge in the conversation on gender fluidity–from Facebook offering more than binary gender options to Caitlyn Jenner’s moving openness and honesty during her transition. But some of us who are well-intentioned […]

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Amy Schumer and the Evolution of the Rape Joke

As a staunch feminist and an avid consumer of pop culture, I’ve always believed that there is one unalterable truth: rape and comedy should never, under any circumstances, be mixed. However, to my surprise, Amy Schumer has changed my mind. If you, like me, were a little late to board the Amy Schumer train, chances […]

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