Harlem Book Fair 2014 © j-No via Flickr

Solos from Harlem: The Harlem Book Fair and Cultural Continuity

A sultry Saturday July 18th, Harlem 2015. Fair booths line West 135th St. from Malcolm X Blvd. to Frederick Douglass Blvd., each individual booth casting its tent-shade upon a different kind of literary ware. Hawking these literary wares, a varied cast of characters, including authors and publishers, do their best to court the throngs of potential […]

© OmegaPoint via Flickr

Electric Words: Evolutions in the Publishing Industry

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the American shopping mall spread virally across the land and the book publishing industry would never be the same. The change that took place is due to a direct correlation between the physical space of the shopping mall stores and what was being bought and sold by the publishing houses. […]

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