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About The Witty Agent

The Witty Agent was founded by Editor-in-Chief Bridget Kiley and Co-founder Pepper Andus. TWA is an online source for commentary on culture, books, literacy, and news. TWA writers contribute weekly articles that provide commentary on how these issues are currently affecting society and media.

What We do

The objective of TWA is to publish quality journalism about current trends in culture and literature. We do not seek to take a side when it comes to politics or other trending topics, but rather to deliver new and unique critiques of the issues that face society. We also look to promote literacy and creative writing by publishing fiction (look to our Flash Fiction page). 

Submit to The Witty Agent

TWA is interested in writers who have an interesting perspective on hot topics making the rounds on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. If you disagree with the general consensus or have an angle that has not been mentioned, we want to hear from you. Our Opinion page focuses on pieces that portray a personal connection to subjects in the media or of any topic trending or historical. If you have a piece of flash fiction that is a thousand words or less, we would be happy to consider publishing your work. To pitch story ideas, please write to submit@thewittyagent.com 


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