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New Book Releases in August: Next Month’s Literary Menu

August, summer’s denouement. Though this month can be a bit of a drag as it reminds us of the ever encroaching end of summer, there is still one thing to look forward to and that’s books. When in doubt … read a lot. It just so happens that there’s a sufficient batch of fiction, nonfiction, […]

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The Best Small Presses to Get Your Poetry Published

The idea of trying to get your work published can be anxiety inducing for a burgeoning poet, and publishing a chapbook may seem like an impossible dream. Chances are you’ve heard countless stories of rejection, and maybe it’s made you pessimistic. Maybe, despite feeling confident that you have a complete collection of poetry, you aren’t […]

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Solos from Harlem: The Harlem Book Fair and Cultural Continuity

A sultry Saturday July 18th, Harlem 2015. Fair booths line West 135th St. from Malcolm X Blvd. to Frederick Douglass Blvd., each individual booth casting its tent-shade upon a different kind of literary ware. Hawking these literary wares, a varied cast of characters, including authors and publishers, do their best to court the throngs of potential […]

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Zinster Interview Series Part One: Andria Alehfi of “We’ll Never Have Paris”

Welcome to the first installment of our three part Zinster Interview Series. We’re chatting with Andria Alefhi about the benefits of DIY publishing often associated with zines.  Andria Alefhi is the editor and curator of the annually distributed zine, “We’ll Never Have Paris”. Founded in 2007, WNHP is a nonfiction and memoir based zine that […]

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Zinsters Take over the City for NYC Zine Weekend

If you haven’t heard, July is international Zine Month. This weekend, July 24th, The NYC Zine Weekend brings zine-related events to the city. Zines (an abbreviation of magazine) denotes a hand-made and self-published magazine, which usually includes mixed-media and can be fiction based, nonfiction based, or a combination of the two. Zines are also known to […]

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5 Books To Better Understand Gender Identity

Tackling transgender issues on a national platform has been called the civil rights issue of our time. In the past year, we’ve seen a surge in the conversation on gender fluidity–from Facebook offering more than binary gender options to Caitlyn Jenner’s moving openness and honesty during her transition. But some of us who are well-intentioned […]

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TV Shows and Movies That Would Make Great Literature

There are books that translate fabulously into cinema, and others that should never have been altered from their original state of perfection. But are there works of television and certain movies that would do well as books? When we can engage with films and TV in a way that trumps mindless entertainment, it more or less puts […]

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The 7 Best Sites for Writers 2015

With acceptance rates lower than ever for Creative Writing MFA programs, students spend rigorous amounts of hours critiquing their own writing and begging others (former professors, siblings, strangers) to offer feedback. As schools intend on keeping their programs boutique sized, it drives acceptance rates into the teens, tens, and five percentiles. Though the competition is […]

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Electric Words: Evolutions in the Publishing Industry

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the American shopping mall spread virally across the land and the book publishing industry would never be the same. The change that took place is due to a direct correlation between the physical space of the shopping mall stores and what was being bought and sold by the publishing houses. […]

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Your 2015 Reading List Should be Joan Didion’s Favorites

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the ever daunting task of “what to read next”. Should you go head first into a hefty Leo Tolstoy novel? Should you read something cool and contemporary like Ben Leaner’s 10:04? Or are you in the mood for a nonfiction, say Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart? The truth is, life […]

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