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Orange Is the New Black’s Biggest Nod to Feminism: Piper’s Panty Monologue

The commoditization, even commercialization, of women’s bodies has historically been accepted by society. Every day we see images of women in well-defined roles, adorned with the physical attributes that supposedly make her female. Maybe in decades past, people barely noticed these occurrences; however, today we notice this misrepresentation of women, but we’re often forced to accept, standing in […]

“Thoughts Without Cigarettes: A Memoir” (Gotham Books), by Oscar Hijuelos

Reading for Writers: Nonfiction Books with Advice for Emerging Writers

No novel was ever written merely because the author willed it. There is always undoubtedly a struggle that transpired in an author’s life that shaped them as storytellers and as people. Books exist to teach and to entertain and maybe we take that luxury for granted when we delve into a new novel, forgetting the rigorous […]

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Amy Schumer and the Evolution of the Rape Joke

As a staunch feminist and an avid consumer of pop culture, I’ve always believed that there is one unalterable truth: rape and comedy should never, under any circumstances, be mixed. However, to my surprise, Amy Schumer has changed my mind. If you, like me, were a little late to board the Amy Schumer train, chances […]

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AP English Class Reads Explicit Ginsberg Poem, Award-Winning Teacher Penalized

In 1957 Allen Ginsberg’s poem Howl dealt with subject matter that the public was not at all prepared for or accustomed to even regard as art. The poem depicts explicit homosexual love scenes, which was at the time, misunderstood and rarely accepted in mainstream society. The historical absence of rhetoric for these kinds of topics is well […]

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