Wangechi Mutu keynote speaker for the Gender Studies program at The New School © Taylor Hynes

Return To The Stars: Why Wangechi Mutu’s Work Is Desperately Needed In Race And Gender Politics Right Now

In case you missed her survey at the Brooklyn Museum in 2014, Wangechi Mutu is a Kenyan-born, Brooklyn-based artist whose multimedia work challenges perceptions of gender, black bodies, and cultural narratives. On April 23, the internationally renowned artist presented the keynote speech for the Gender Studies program at The New School and used this opportunity […]

Panel 1 from Jacob Lawrence's Migration of the Negro, 1940-1

MoMA Museum To Honor Jacob Lawrence’s Great Migration Series Through Spoken Word Poetry

The MoMA is celebrating the work of Jacob Lawrence and his series of paintings One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Visions of the Great Movement North. The Great Migration occurred between 1916 to 1970 and resulted in the migration of roughly six million African Americans from the rural south to the nation’s northern states.  The […]

Gina by Jamal Johnson

Gina I  In Prague, where Gina died, pigeons perch on orchid carts like clergy, cloying dispensation on unabashed passersby.  Autumn last, her affair with Gregor ended, Gina instructed me to abandon the dowdy innocence of our flat above the abattoir, and travel with her eastward. Dutifully, I gathered our belongings, embraced my beloved, and together […]

Buzz Feed Press

Paying For Talent: Buzz Feed Leads The Way

Buzz Feed might be best known for it’s no-shame approach to littering their site with click bait, but their “Books” vertical is getting a lot of positive attention from the literary world right now. Seed Jones has just been hired as their Literary Editor and he is making his presence known by spearheading Buzz Feed’s first […]

© David Shankbone via Creative Commons

Salman Rushdie Just Trying To Organize His Goodreads

It was reported by many news outlets such as The Independent and Telegraph that Rushdie gave bad reviews to some beloved classics. On he gave Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis  one star and To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee just three. There were a slew of other well-known novels that he gave equally bad ratings. When […]

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