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“Positive” Stereotyping: Jeopardizing Multiculturalism in the Same Way as Traditional Stereotyping

It is a well known fact that stereotypes do not accurately represent a group of people. But are people on the same page when it comes to so called “positive” stereotypes? An example of this could be a statement like “All Asians are smart” or “all Hispanic women are well-endowed.” Is it just as harmful to be […]

Little Women Remake Confirmed

Please can this be a tasteful adaptation? We have been bogged down by adaptations of books into movies and revamping classic films. It begs the question, does anyone write original scripts anymore? Maybe its safer to say that lots of creative screenplay writers are even further from achieving their dreams because the film industry doesn’t […]

Weekly Flash Fiction: Lab Partners

I felt like a caged animal sitting there in the glowing blue light – a fluorescent hue radiating from the only lamp in the room. I imagined lizards emerging from beneath the shaggy area rug or snakes advancing greedily towards my throat – their cold thick bodies slapping across the wood floors. His face looked sallow and […]

The Blue/Black/ White/Gold Dress has Racial Undertones

What do the blue/black/white/gold dress and the Aylmer twins have in common? One might not see any direct correlation at first but it all boils down to one surprising factor, the relativity of race. Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twins from Gloucester, England. They’ve become an internet sensation based on the perception that they are twins of “different […]

The MFA is Special and you Still Need One

Its time we addressed the fact that the MFA is special. Its not the same as your MBA, PhD, or MA. In this article I will focus on the Creative Writing MFA and the controversy over if getting one is necessary to become a successful author. What’s missing in this argument is that you may become […]

I wish I had never listened to Serial

Serial, the highly publicized podcast by Sarah Koenig, engages listeners in its expedition for justice in the Murder of Hae Min Lee from Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, MD. For those who describe themselves as “obsessed” with Serial, what kind of implications have our obsessions caused to those who are actually involved in this case? I made an error the […]

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